Here you'll find super cute fashions for that precious little one in your life. All of our collections are well designed to provide comfort for baby and kids. Shop with us for the latest unique and affordable trends that are sure to please you and your family!




My name is Erin and I'm the owner of CLAIRE ELIZABETH CHILDREN'S BOUTIQUE. I'm married to my best friend, Brian and together we have 3 amazing kids. Our oldest is Whitney(25), Aiden(17), and Bryson(11). Two years ago we became grandparents and were blessed to earn the titles of "GiGi" and "Gramps". Our lives forever changed when our sweet CLAIRE ELIZABETH AKA CLAIRE BEAR was born hence the namesake and inspiration for my lifelong dream. So a little backstory about myself, I've always had an eye and passion for all things fashion and style and I've always taken pride in the appearance of myself and my family and what we wear. From an early age, my Mother always stressed the importance of "being dressed for the day" since you never know who you will see or meet (I'm sure some of you southern girls know what i'm talking about).

So even though I've lived by this advice, it also created a hobby or as some might say a habit for loving to SHOP, SHOP, and SHOP some more! Now don't get me wrong, I also love finding a great deal too as well. So with having kids at different ages, I've noticed through out the years that cheap isn't always better and quality usually comes at a hefty price. I've also been able to determine the best brands and designers that have withstood our family and lifestyle and it's never in favor of the cheaper brands. For years it had been my dream to have my own children's boutique and if possible my own brand and designs that would check off all of the boxes that us Moms want and need. I wanted to be able to provide adorable and unique fashions without compromising comfort but while being affordable for all to enjoy. I mean, am I really asking for too much here ???

So fastforward to becoming grandparents and preparing for this sweet girl to arrive. I was in HEAVEN with all of the girls fashions. It had been so long since I had shopped for a little girl and how exciting it was to see how far fashion had come during this time. But what I also did notice was how the prices have changed as well. I knew I was in trouble, because we have to have EVERYTHING FOR HER , RIGHT???

So at this point, I had begun to think that I should have prayed for a grandson. (Insert sarcasm) Having a boy wouldn't be so bad because like it's been for the last twenty something years, boys fashion is still just as limited and I wouldn't get sucked in as bad. But it was in that moment as the $$$ were stacking up, my brainstorming began. I wanted to do things differently! Boy moms like to shop too! Why should they miss out on all of the fun! So I wanted to do my best to be able to cater to all baby and kids alike. So over the last two years, I've been able to familiarize myself with the industry and bring our dream to fruition all while having our CLAIRE ELIZABETH by our side. We look forward to having you shop with us and Thank you for supporting my small business and for your continued support!